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Sirius Technologies is the creator and manufacturer of PolyZane Protect . Based in the North East of England, we offer years of expertise in the paint and chemicals industry in everything from formulation to application.  

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Mark Childs, founder of STL, developed PZP after 10 years of developing his expertise as a paint specialist. Starting his career as a shop floor paint sprayer, he then progressed to a consultant in paint performance and protection of surfaces. The PolyZane formula took 5 years to perfect and can now be used across multiple industries with endless applications. 

PZP offers protection, cleanliness and durability to your non- porous surfaces. STL operate in several major industries including Rail, Marine, Aviation and Engineering Technologies. PZP is used to protect both internal and external surfaces from wear and tear and damage from the elements whilst also providing more efficient cleaning routines and better aesthetic. 

We operate a continuous Research and Development programme to ensure that our products always represent the cutting edge of new technologies.

Should you require any further information please contact us and we can advise you on the suitability of PZP to your market.

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